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Power plant Prędzieszyn

The Prędzieszyn Water Power Plant was started up in 1937, as the last one in the Radunia cascade. It is a bypass power plant operating in close connection with the power plant in Straszyn, i.e. all water discharged in the cross-section of Straszyn must pass through the step in Prędzieszyn. Both Prędzieszyn and Kuźnice, located below, are the "lower steps" of the Straszyna Power Plant. Earlier, a power plant in Kuźnice was built on the site of a water forge. But Radunia in Straszyn has quite a big fall, so the backdrop from Kużnice did not reach to the very town of Straszyn, which in the meantime was expanded. It was decided to supplement the cascade with another water level in Prędzieszyn. An interesting fact is that the river flowed then in a different place. There were two more mills on the old riverbed. The power plant, however, was built on dry land, and then the river, dug through a dug channel, was led to the turbines. There were probably no problems with the implementation of the investment, because the whole construction lasted less than a year. The facility is located in the community of Pruszcz Gdański.


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