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14th-century Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Polish Crown in Lublewo

The central point of the village, which had the character of a two-way street, is the old and historic parish church. Nowadays, it is called the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Polish Crown, the former call is unknown. The beginnings of Christianity in Lublewo date back to the missionary activity of St. Adalbert, i.e. to the year 997. The church was raised in the second half of the 14th century, from which time the walls (or rather the cut) of the presbytery come. The original parish was founded in 1349, but probably there was already a church at that time, as historians indicate that the church in Lublewo was a branch church of St. Adalbert parish in Gdansk. In 1413, the parish priest of Lublewo "Plebanus Jordanus" is mentioned. In 1433 the church was destroyed and soon afterwards rebuilt. In 1454 the church was granted the patronage of the city of Gdańsk. Since 1562 the church has passed into the hands of the Protestants and became a Protestant congregation until 1945, that is, until the end of the Second World War. In 1657 - 58 a nave was added and in 1680 a chapel was built. In 1683, a fire breaks out, destroying the church, the parish and the surrounding buildings. The church is undoubtedly worth visiting and seeing. The wooden roof, beautiful baroque altar, baptismal font from 1630, but also the surroundings of the church and the bell tower make an impression. The exact description can be found on the parish pages. The building is located in the community of Kolbudy.


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