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Power Plant Bielkowo

A monument of hydrotechnical architecture. Built in 1925 as the fourth and largest power plant on the Radunia River. The investor of the undertaking was the Senate of the Free City of Gdańsk, which built two hydroelectric power plants on the section of Radunia from Łapin to Straszyn, using a 58.6 m drop. Bielkowo was started in 1925, the smaller Łapino two years later. During the war the building was destroyed because it was a military facility, among other things, there was a fire station in the compensation tower building. However, in spite of this, as early as November 15, 1945 the power plant started working again and is still operating today. It is located on the edge of a moraine hill. Nearby you can admire the deep riverbed of Radunia, which resembles a mountain stream with a waterfall. The power plant can be visited by prior arrangement by phone: 58 691 71 27. The power plant Bielkowo is the second power plant of the compact Radunia cascade. It is a derivation power plant with two half-day equalization tanks. The design of the power plant took advantage of the fact that Radunia between Kolbudy Górne and Bielkowo, which is 3.5 km away, is rolling a loop. The length of the loop measured along the riverbed is nearly 11 km, the level difference is nearly 50 m. The complex of technical buildings of the power plant includes the power plant building, the compensation tower and the dam building on Lake Bielkowskie. The facility is located in the community of Kolbudy.


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