"Europejski Fundusz Rolny na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich: Europa inwestująca w obszary wiejskie."

Village Farm n Osice

The educational farm is a recreational and educational place. About themselves: "It is a place where we stimulate our senses. We can hear the sounds of wild and domestic birds, we can smell the soil, mowed grass, we can hear silence. The farm is unconventional, well, we have prepared the educational part 400 m from the house near the fields on a separate and fenced plot of 1 ha covered with grass. In the central place of the plot we put a wooden shelter, sanitary facilities, a sandbox, swings and a place for a bonfire. For active recreation enthusiasts we have separated the area for recreational games and an obstacle course". The facility is located in the community of Suchy Dąb.


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